Offshore Cargo Basket



Offshore Cargo Basket

Dnv 2.7-1 /en 12079 cargo carrying units for the offshore energy market. An extensive range of container size from 1.5m to 27m in length are available. Every unit has a full complement of load securing points and can be supplied with an optional net to eliminate the risk of lifting set snagging on the cargo. Custom  designed cargo container and manufactured cradles can be installed to enhance the security of high value cargo.  When compatible designs are use they can be safely and securely stacked to optimize space utilization.

Offshore Cargo Basket Key Features

. Range of sizes for all standard applications

. Ex- stock availability for urgent requirements.

. Provided with internal swiveled tie down points to ensure secure transportation of good and cargo

. The units are stackable, reducing lay down area requirements

. Optional al nets

. Optional custom cradles