It gives Dscaff Group great pleasure to announce the arrival of new SBS 80 wall and adjustable column formwork. The entire fleet of SBS 80 formwork will be galvanised offering a long-lasting, high quality product to our customers.

The SBS 80 Adjustable Panel Formwork is a crane set modular formwork system panel for use in civil engineering projects, industrial, infrastructure and residential buildings.

A formwork set including the accessories weighs around 72 kg/m2. The admissible load bearing capacity according to DIN EN 18202 for fresh concrete pressure is of 100 kN/m².

SBS 80 is a steel frame formwork system composed of high strength rectangular tube profiles, which can be easily combined with column panel locks. The steel frame profiles are designed to be able to connect at any point with the other panel. Panel facing is the plastic-coated Birch Plywood namely WISA-Form Elephant (delivered by UPM), providing higher durability and longer life.

Panel widths are 300, 450, 600, 750, 900, 1050, 1200, 2400 mm where panels 750, 900, 1050, 1200 mm are multi-panels that has a dual purpose and can be used for wall and columns. The heights are 3300, 3000, 2700, 1800, 1500 and 1200 mm. The panel corners are solid steel piece which gives extra stiffness and durability while also delivering strong inserts for levering and lifting holes for handling. The solid corner increases the panel life.

“CONTI” formwork lock could be applied to any point on the frame profiles as well as transversals. The conical holes for DW15tie‐rods on panel are so positioned that formwork bears 80 kN/m2 concrete pressure. The formwork system consist of SBS 80 panels, Conti locks, SAS tie‐rods, SBS 80 crane hooks, SBS 80 type cat‐walk brackets, double push‐pull props and accessories.

The Dscaff SBS 80 adjustable column panel technical details
  • Column plan sizes achievable 200mm x 200mm up to 900mm x 900mm in 50mm increments
  • Height adjustments up to maximum 9.5m in 300mm increments
  • Panel sizes in height 3300, 3000, 2700, 1800, 1500 and 1200 mm and in width 750, 900,1050 and 1200 mm
  • The panel corners bear solid steel pieces
  • Panel connections when extending the frames are TUT Clamp
  • Maximum permissible fresh concrete pressure 100 kN/m2
  • Full working platforms and ladders with DSS safety products integrated
Why Choose Dscaff for Columns?

Using the Iceberg theory for the comparison between SBS 80 adjustable column formwork vs traditional timber girders with steel whalers.

SBS 80 Traditional timber grinders with steel
Direct Cost Minimum Time Lose Significant Time Lose
Tower Crane Time Tower Crane Time
Labour (Semi skilled workers) Labour (carpenter) + (semi skilled workers)
Indirect Cost  
Laydown Area required throughout the project for adjustments,storage of equipment and tools.
Potential damage of timber girders on removal of plywood.
Extra supervision and security required for Laydown area.
Housekeeping and tool storage.
Carpenter cost due to the low amount within Malaysia.
Loss / damage of items during adjustment ofcolumn formwork, unable to fully assembly column formwork lose of time on site.