Jacking Systems Ltd have developed a product which offers the biggest advance in self climbing formwork available today. Self-climbing formwork is commonly used to form the concrete lift cores on all high-rise buildings. The lift core is at the heart of every high-rise structure and is responsible for a significant portion of the construction budget. This allows Dscaff to become a major player in this USD 30 Billion Industry in Asia.

The agency agreement is exclusive for Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, and covers projects through South East Asia.

Jacking Systems Ltd is predominantly used to form lift cores and vertical shafts both above and below ground and can be installed immediately after the first pour. The system climbs as a complete unit using 30t capacity electrically powered jacks.

Some the major benefits include:
  • Computer controlled processor with integrated laser plumbing and jack monitoring during lifting allowing a high level of control and accuracy.
  • Climbs to a tolerance of 2 mm.
  • Can climb both up and down to allow easy access where required.
  • Unlimited number of jacks can be controlled by a single control station allowing for multiple cores to be formed together.
  • Fast lifting cycle.
  • Wide prefabricated upper and lower decks creating a clear and clean working space and ample storage area.
  • Internal stretcher access and internal ingress and egress.
  • The fully enclosed unit offers a high level of safety.