Dscaff formwork division has flexibility to use the best product on today’s market for the any type of project. We have expanded our fleet with strategic alliances with major formwork supplies. We have capability to tackle any project of any size.

Dscaff Formwork

SAS/SBS Table Formwork has the ability to produce a 36 squares metres soffit table with only a 4 legged support which can adequately carry a 300mm slab.

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SAS/SBS Dropslab

SAS/SBS Dropslab gives the ability to reduce the slab curing time by 40% as the panel and main beam can be removed early with the use of the drophead. Drophead allows the main beam and panels to drop down while leaving the support in place. Cycle times can be cut down to 3 days.

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Jacking System

A fully encapsulated work space is provided around the entire work area which prevents tools and other small objects from falling from the Jumpform as well as providing the workmen with a level of safety against falling that provides a their confidence to perform at their best.During climbing the Core Jumpform is fully seated on a thread and not subject to failure and dropping due to a break in hydraulics. Active load cells also provide added safety.Know More