• Stairform is a lightweight, permanent metal form incorporating reinforcement. It is prefabricated and delivered to the site ready for installation. Concrete is cast directly into the form. Proprietary handrails can be included in our system and scissor stairs are a specialty.
Scissor Stairs
  • Ideal for fire escapes with a spine wall staggered flight. We do have a beam which is made specifically
    for the support of block work, or other spine wall construction methods.
Spine Wall Beam
  • Standard beams are designed to project specific requirements. These beams can be very useful where a spine wall occurs between scissor stair flights. The beam will be installed at the same time the flights are installed. Flights, landings and the beam will all be cast at the same time. Reference our method statement for detailed installation diagrams.
  • Stringer beam is custom designed to match the thickness of the project specific spine wall. Generally the wall would be block work. So its thickness would vary between 90 mm and 150mm. The beam will be cast and installed in concrete at the same time as the stair flights and landings are cast in concrete. Minimal back propping is required. (Refer to Stairform Standard Staircase details).
Method Statement
  • We understand the benefits of well-designed products, manufactured from quality materials under the guidance of an accredited manufacturing process provides the value for money everyone looks for.
  • Our approach is a no compromise attitude. Dscaff Group has implemented and strictly adheres to its accredited ISO 9001:2008 & TS 29001 quality processes.
  • We strive to provide the highest quality products at the best possible value every time.
  • Cut Profile is used in open areas where a high standard of presentation is desirable. Tilling,carpet and timber can be used over the top of these stairs.
  • By using hot dipped galvanized Stairform handrails which have bolted connections for fitting onto Stairform flights, your project can maintain a safe and effective handrail system from the time the flights are put into position.

Stairform – AS3610 Formwork for Concrete

  • Will adequately support concrete at placement
  • Back propping – max 5 risers spacing

Guardrail CHS – AS 1170.2
Crane Hook – AS4100 & AS1418.1

  • Lifting lugs – 18 riser form
  • 4 lifting lugs per stair flight