SAS/SBS Table Formwork has the ability to produce a 36 squares metres soffit table with only a 4 legged support which can adequately carry a 300mm slab.

SAS Support

Dscaff SAS Shoring capacities are exceptional ( 88.2 kN / leg at 1.0 m lifts / 64.4 kN at 1.5m lifts :AS/NZ and EN standard ). This simply means less materials and less labour time together with all the associated benefits of using less equipment on a project. SAS Modular shoring system boasts many unique design features such as forged rings, forged wedges, ultra high tensile steels to name a few. By utilising high grade steel tubing we can not only provide high strength but also keep the weight of the system components much lighter compared to other systems. This weight reduction can be as much as 20% in some cases. The traditional ring lock design has been enhanced with a patented forged and tapered ring , used together with forged wedges and re-engineered ledger ends, the system stiffness has been greatly improved in terms of capacity,

D225 Beam

Aluminium Beams combine the benefits of strength, lightness and the ease of handling with consistency, versatility and exceptional durability. With a range of accessories, the beams form a complete system that can be used for virtually unlimited configurations and applications.