About Safety Edge Barrier

Dscaff Safety Edge Barrier System is modular and seam-less in its design. A wide range of attachments ensures adaptability to temporary and permanent structures. Our Steel Edge Barrier is EN13374 Class A&B compliant, produced in an ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility with fully automated process. Designed to suit new construction as well as renovation and upgrade works it is effectively replacing traditional Guard Rails and reducing the number of active components by its design with integrated toe-boards, makes our Steel Edge Barrier Systems your preferred choice for Working at Height. Up to 60% of all recorded falling objects and falling worker accidents recorded internationally occur from the Formwork Operation or from the trailing floors during stripping of formworks or back propping procedures. By increasing the protection for Formwork Safety in particular and Site Safety in general by implementing EN13374 compliant Safety Equipments, Construction Safety management can reduce the risks significantly. Our Steel Edge Barrier has proven its reliability and has quickly grown popular because of its design simplicity, fast installations and flexibility for the contractor.Our Safety Edge Barrier is designed and Safety Engineered to allow for double height and full enclosure when needed. Dscaff Safety Systems wide range of attachments and Safety Posts enabling Contractors to ensure Passive and Collective Edge Protection Systems on any type of Formwork System, utilizing a minimum of active components that allows your construction team to work safely and freely without wearing Safety Harness within the protected area. The added benefit is increased productivity for the Construction team and reduced risk for the Project in general.