About Safety Catch Net System

Dscaff has designed and engineered wide range of rapid deployment, modular, passive and collective Safety Catch Net solutions, applicable to most structures and methods of construction, temporary works and Scaffolding. As Safety Equipment, it works as Fall Protection for falling objects and persons on the leading edges, as well as overhead protection for workers below.

The EN1263-1 Standard Type T, Safety Catch Nets ranges from minimum 3300mm to maximum 6000mm in cantilever from structure, depending on Project specific requirements and Construction Risk Management Analysis. The key components in Dscaff Fall Arrest Safety Systems are woven, knotless EN1263-1 compliant High Tenacity Polypropylene Construction Safety Nets, produced in a Raschel Machine weaving together 9600 HTPP fibre threads to a Safety Net. We use three layers of Safety Nets to contain small items and grout up to heavy duty equipment. Dscaff Fall Arrest Nets are capable of arresting for drops of 100kg from 10m height, far beyond international standard requirements.

This Safety Catch Net System Combined with EN6082-T6 grade aluminium profiles and a wide range of attachments in Hot Dip Galvanized Mild Steel finish, Dscaff Fall Arrest Safety Net Systems enables Construction Management and Health & Safety Managers to reduce risk and likelihood of the most common hazards to a controlled and acceptable level on Site.

Key features and benefits of using Dscaff Fall Arrest Safety Catch Net Systems include assembly on ground level, minimizing the number of activities and man-hours working at height, significantly increasing Site Safety. Our Safety Nets are UV-treated and can be supplied in Flame Retardant version. EN1263-1 Compliance tested and certified products. Hinged and adjustable, telescopic extension legs allow the construction team to fold the Fall Protection Systems in for crane access to levels below, this also allows for quick and easy access when inspecting, cleaning, maintaining and rescuing from the Safety Net Systems Environmentally friendly – 100% recyclable components.