About Fall Prevention

Dscaff has engineered a full enclosure Fall Prevention Screen combined with Fall Protection Safety Fan Nets, systemized and modular in its design, ensuring Construction Management the ability to implement our systems on multiple construction sites and structures. The Key components are EN1263-1 compliant, High Tenacity Polypropylene Fall Arrest Safety Nets that are placed vertically and horizontally on frames extruded in EN6082-T6 aluminium profiles, specially designed to absorb accidental load without breaking. The Dscaff FPS gives your construction environment a Full Containment Fall Prevention System that can be lifted sequentially in variable increments of 100-500mm depending on site requirements.  Lifting can be done manually, with or without electrical winches, or hydraulic systems.  Integrated Working Platforms can be implemented on one or several levels. Cantilevered Fall Protection Safety Fan Nets, tested and certified to withstanding drops of 100kg from 10m height are added on the exterior face of the Fall Prevention Screen. This minimizes the number of Safety equipments on Site and saves valuable, operational crane time on Site. Dscaff offers product training, installation training and sub-contracting of installation, in full compliance with international Health and Safety regulations. The combination of Full Enclosure Fall Prevention and Cantilevered Fall Protection in one product along with its lightweight and modular design using Polypropylene Safety Nets sets the Dscaff FPS System apart from other products supplied to the Construction Industry.  A wide range of frames, brackets and attachments for both concrete and steel structures are available to cater for your current and future Projects requirements. Dscaff Fall Prevention Screen is fully compatible with all Dscaff Products.