Why invest in Safety System ?

Construction Safety is everyone’s responsibility. It is statistically proven that a safe working environment equals a productive work environment that will deliver your project milestones on time without the added cost of stoppage time. Accidents occurring from a fall from height or falling material from height has the highest fatality rate in the construction industry worldwide, according to data collected from construction health and safety institutions.  In order to manage these risks to an acceptable level, we must first identify the hazards, manage the risks and minimize the number of activities that are carried out at height, where workers are exposed to a fall.

Why Dscaff Safety System is your partner in Safety

At Dscaff we have designed, developed and engineered Modular Construction Safety Systems that are assembled at ground level, reducing and managing the number of man-hours at high risk areas. The modular approach also greatly benefits productivity on site, due to its rapid deployment. All of our Dscaff DSS products are designed and engineered to be fully compatible with the Dscaff SAS Modular Scaffolding and Tubular Scaffolding Systems, SBS Formworks Systems and DXS Alloy Bridging Systems.

Compliant Safety Systems

From a Construction Risk Management perspective, it makes perfect sense to invest in EN and OSHA compliant systems, which are both passive and collective in their design, creating seamless prevention and protection systems for all workers on site and are easily managed and supervised by Safety Officers and Occupational Health and Safety Managers.

DSS Prevention Systems

All Dscaff Construction Safety Net Systems are designed, engineered and manufactured in compliance to EN and OSHA standards. Our preventive systems include Safety Net Protection Screens, Full Containment Safety Net solutions and Edge Protection Systems, using EN13374 compliant Fall Arrest Safety Nets, both vertically and horizontally depending on project specific application.

Dscaff Protection Systems

Dscaff Safety Nets are designed and manufactured based on knotless, woven High Tenacity EN1263 Compliant Fall Arrest Safety Nets. Supporting structures are extruded in EN6082-T6 structural aluminium. A wide range of attachments and supports together with the DSS Safety Systems modular design ensures that you can re-use your DSS Safety Equipment Systems on project after project.  In compliance with EN and OSHA standards, each of our products has individual ID-numbers and batch numbers for tracing. All of our Safety equipment are 100% recyclable and comes with all compliance certificates that are required by Construction Management and Safety systems and Health Management.

Dscaff Safety System your Full Turnkey Safety Provider

Dscaff are committed to supplying EN and OSHA compliant, passive and collective Construction Safety Net Equipment. All of our products are supplied with Design Risk Assessment, Project Specific Safe Work Method Statement and User Manuals to further support the implementation on Site. On-Site training for Workers, Safety Officers and Construction Management team is available for all markets worldwide.