About Acoustic Sheeting

Acoustic Sheeting Provides an effective system for controlling and reducing noise and for conditioning working environments in both hot and cold climates
Powerclad Acoustic and Insulated sheeting systems are insulation materials laminated to scaffold sheeting for temporary weather protection and containment applications, providing an effective system for controlling and conditioning the working environment in both hot and cold climates.
The Flame Retardant grades are particularly suitable for safety-critical installations such as occupied buildings and industrial services work in shipyards, petrochemical installations, and power stations.
Powerclad AS FR Premium features special sound absorbing foam, which provides both thermal insulation and sound absorption. It helps minimise noise emissions in sensitive environments, particularly construction sites close to commercial or residential areas.
Powerclad IS Standard incorporates cellular air cells which provide thermal insulation for improved working environments and where controlled atmospheres are necessary.
They are widely used on noise-sensitive sites and on projects where low temperatures and inclement weather conditions prevail.

• Measurable noise reduction minimises environmental impact close to noise sensitive sites
• Acoustic foam insulates inner layer
Flame retardant
• Conforms to BS 7955
• Excellent heat retention
• Woven construction for high tensile strength
• Waterproof outer layer
• Excellent low-temperature characteristics
• Overlapping fastening system