Installation of DXS Modular platform for MRT Pasar Seni

Installation of DXS Modular platform for MRT Pasar Seni

DXS Temporary Sidewall Access Platform installation for MRT Pasar Seni conducted on 27th November to 30th November,2017. This project took 4 days to erect and the works were only carried out at night from 10.00p.m to 5.00 a.m.

Scope of Project

Two unit of 35.2m DXS access platforms each weighing 2.6 tonne were installed on both sides of MRT pedestrian bridge with one mobile tower on each platform. Each platform has a safe working load of 500kg.

Project Area

The location of this project is at MRT Pasar Seni near Jalan Tun Sambanthan.The existing bridge is located 12m above the river.

Challenges at Site

There are few notable challenges such as night work, road closure, abrupt changes in river level and limited road access.

Unloading material requires 25 ton mobile crane to unload from road to riverberm at 6m height which consumes 2 hours for the unloading process.

Lifting temporary access platform on temporary support requires minimum 160 ton of mobile crane as the working radius from the center of mobile crane location to centre of existing pedestrian bridge is about 40m. Lifting process for 2nd platform was quite challenging, as we needed to due to avoid the existing roofing structure at LRT Pasar Seni and walkway.