Dscaff DXS Modular Warehouse Structure


The term Modular building refers to a structure which comprise of individual sections called “modules”.
is a completely prefabricated system, where all components are manufactured in a controlled factory environment ensuring consistent quality and eliminates on site fabrication. The structure is extendable, easily relocatable and quick to install.


DXS trusses are lightweight and high strength modular space frames. A complete warehouse structure consists of main frames, starter frames, spigots and apex frames. The main frame are the backbones of the roof truss system which are connected together using spigot and bolts to form a large span truss.

Conventional system vs DXS system

Conventional warehouse system requires more time and the risk of work at heights while Dscaff DXS Warehouse system truss modules can be assembled on the ground level, complete with roof purlins. This reduces the risk of working at height and eventually reduces the duration of assembling.

Advantage of Using Dscaff Dxs Modular Warehouse:

  • Minimal site preparation as only lightweight slab and no piling is required on average soil condition.
  • The structure is extendable, easily relocatable and quick to install.
  • A choice of width, height and length to optimise your usage.
  • DXS Sytem can be used to build temporary and permanent buildings. The structure can then be customised to the clients requirement.

At DXS we strive for efficiency right from design stage. We continuously strive for improvement in our processes so that we can deliver real value to our customer.

Applications for DXS Multipurpose Modular Structures

  • Industrialized Building System
  • Industrialized Weather Protection
  • Large Span Structure
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Storage Solutions
  • Modular Buildings
  • Prefabricated Buildings
  • Relocatable Structures / Buildings
  • Temporary Office
  • Temporary Storage
  • Temporary Shed
  • Temporary Warehousing
  • Ship in Stand Container

This light-weight alloy truss system has exceptional strength and allows you to build a variety of long spanned structures . The possibilities reach as far as the imagination and facilitate both straight and curved applications.