DXS trusses are lightweight and high strength modular space frame system suitable to use in building structures such as warehousing, and creating access to long unsupported spans for industrial and other applications. For building structures, DXS uses standard modular components, which can be preassembled at ground level by hand, and then hoisted into position by crane. This reduces risks associated with working at height. DXS consists of both high strength alloy and steel components which are prefabricated in a controlled factory environment which ensured consistent quality and eliminates the need for “hot work” on site.

Real Value To Customer

At DXS we strive for efficiency right from design, manufacturing and construction phases through the philosophy of lean thinking. We continuously seek for improvement in our processes so that we can deliver real value to our customer.

  • 1.Storage and warehousing—with high eave heights.
  • 2.Buildings can accommodate internal forklift operation comfortably
  • 3.Facilitate space-saving racking systems
  • 4.Ideal for the access and loading of large vehicles under cover
  • 5.Minimal site preparation
  • 6.Fully permanent or relocatable
  • 1.Storage
  • 2.Showrooms
  • 3.Factory / Production space
  • 4.Office facilities (large open plan)
  • 5.Car showrooms
  • 6.Long-duration exhibitions
  • 1Storage
  • 2.Cover for sport facilities
  • 3.Basketball, footsal, badminton

Applications for DXS Multipurpose Modular Structures

  • Industrialized Building System
  • Industrialized Weather Protection
  • Large Span Structure
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Storage Solutions
  • Modular Buildings
  • Prefabricated Buildings
  • Relocatable Structures / Buildings
  • Temporary Office
  • Temporary Storage
  • Temporary Shed
  • Temporary Warehousing
  • Ship in Stand Container