About DXS Alloy Bridging

DXS is a Modular alloy truss system, designed to provide elevated access and loading solutions. This light-weight alloy bridging system has exceptional strength and allows you to build a variety of long spanned structures . The possibilities reach as far as the imagination and facilitate both straight and curved applications.

The light-weight system can be suspended,  mounted on trolleys or supported from ground based towers/ scaffolds. It is ideal for industrial  maintenance and spanning large distances with the ability to carry heavy loads. The structures are totally modular and can be assembled in situ or at ground level and hoisted into position.

For Access and Scaffolding problems, we can provide solutions especially in areas where access at height would consume large volumes of materials, complex geometrical requirement, a large area of floor space and a large amount of labour. With lightweight truss system, DXS is purposely designed to remove as much ground-based support as possible. This is an ideal solution for carrying out maintenance work above live rail or road networks.

Multipurpose Structures (Civil/industrial/commercial/sports): The DXS Warehouse System combines all of the standard modular DXS components and adds light weight high strength steel modular legs to create a fully prefabricated modular structure. The structure can then be customised to the clients requirement. Usually modular steel purlins and steel roof and wall cladding are fitted. The structures are individually designed to conform with national wind and snow loadings. DXS is a completely prefabricated system (IBS) where all components are manufactured in a controlled factory environment which ensures consistent quality and eliminates on site fabrication. The structure is extendable, easily relocatable and quick to install. Ground works are minimised as the multiple legs spread the load evenly, requiring only a light weight slab to support the structure.

Temporary bridge/footbridge (Civil/military) DXS trusses can be used for temporary bridge/footbridge over a large span. Complete with handrail and staircase, the bridge offers a safe and strong passage for users. All components are easily assembled on the ground by two operators and then hoisted onto a pre-prepared foundation. The system is designed to be configured to suit a wide range of applications

Alloy mobile scaffold towers DXS provide an efficient range of modular lightweight Mobile Access Towers for both industrial and domestic use. Dscaff provides a full design and engineering service for all DXS  applications

  • Exceptional loading capacity
  • Minimal components required
  • Simple to use and install
  • Full engineering support
  • Highly modular
  • Light weight
  • Can be used as a Horizontal, vertical or curved solutions