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Dscaff Modular Scaffolding (SAS)

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DSCAFF Modular scaffolding

The DSCAFF Modular scaffolding system is a scaffolding system consisting of prefabricated components. It includes individual bars (Standards, transoms/ledgers, vertical and horizontal diagonals with integrated connecting elements). The standards are equipped with welded disc flanges in intervals of 0.5 m. Ledgers or transoms, equipped with welded hooks at both ends, are inserted in the flanges and locked into position by wedges. Vertical and horizontal diagonals equipped with bolted, hinged connections can also be fitted to the flanges by means of wedges.

Dscaff SAS Advantages:
  • Less material / part per volume.
  • Ring Modular Connections eliminate traditional tubular couplers.
  • Less material mean less weight to move; increase productivity
  • Translates 40% faster erection time or 40% manpower saving.
  • Less laydown area needed.
  • All SAS Material Specifications complies and exceeds major governing standard requirement.
  • Able to take very high leg load up to 88 kN (safe working load) per standard at 1-meter lift.
  • Wedge connections has higher sheer properties than traditional mechanical scaffold connections.
  • SAS bay size can be increase more than the tubular system; less material, higher productivity.
  • Able to perform in harsh environment and endure repetitive heavy load cycle without significant material damage.
  • Standard parts and dimension with visible markings.
  • Acuracy of design is high.
  • Area of conflict can be identified before erection; avoiding on site modifications.
  • Client able to better visualise end structure.
  • Parts interchangeable with tubular system for unconventional solutions.
  • Ease of mob/ demob material identification.
  • Safer and high quality
  • Less falling from height material.
  • Working platform can endure static or dynamic; cyle or point loads while in service.
  • With weight reduction, man power fatigue is reduce.
  • Modular coponent have gone through stringent technical test with full documentations.
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