SAC Bond 08

A polyvinyl acetate bonding agent for cementitious products

S.A.C.01 Bond-8 is water based resinous bonding agent. It is suitable for both internal and external use.

S.A.C.01 Bond-8 is a special formulation designed to create a homogeneous bond between both porous and non porous surfaces , thereby preventing tile debonding in some of the harshest environments. It also can be applied directly onto metal, wood, concrete, polyform, glass panel, PVC, aluminum & lightweight blocks, in order to apply a bonding agent or a plastered finish to that material

S.A.C.01 Bond-8 has been chemically designed at the molecular level to give superb bonding characteristics on two different materials, at the same time allowing for different curing times, even on both porous and non porous surface to create a homogenous connection to transfer load from the subtract to the tiled or plastered surface

Product information

Physical form : Liquid

Colour : Blue

Package & Coverage : 20 Kg

Product information
Technical Data Binder Polyvinyl in a dry area
Density lbs/ gal/ kg/ L

8.9(1.07) ASTM

D1475 Solid

Weight > 48% ASTM D5207
Consumption 1 liter/11 m²
Tensile Strength

1.00 N/mm² above

(28 days)