Dscaff SAS
Dscaff SAS Modular Scaffolding exceptional loading capacity allows you to stock just ONE system to support your heavy duty shoring requirements as well as provide access scaffolding. This ensures greater utilisation of product than ever before. This is great news for...
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ModulArena – Coming Soon!
Dscaff Group to launch new modular stadium concept. ModulArena concept will soon be a completely new approach to sports stadium design. A new design complying with International Standards. The essence of ModulArena concept is that the stadium complies with the requirements...
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The Edge Malaysia newspaper article – Raising The Bar
The Edge Malaysia News -Raising The Bar This was published for the week of July 10th – July 16th.  Using technology and innovation, Dscaff is transforming an industry that has not changed much in the last 30 years Scaffolding is something...
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Grandstands for the community, by the community
Eco-friendly grandstand for the community, by the community. When it comes to designing grandstands, ModulArena is always looking for solutions that will benefit the local community development and at the same time be eco-friendly. That the main reason ModulArena has opted...
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SBS 80 Adjustable Column Formwork
It gives Dscaff Group great pleasure to announce the arrival of new SBS 80 adjustable column formwork. The entire fleet of SBS 80 formwork will be galvanised offering a long-lasting, high quality product to our customers. The SBS 80 Adjustable...
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Dscaff Formwok Division
Dscaff group is pleased to welcome Mr. Neil Sharpe as Director of Formwork. Mr. Neil is well known for his extensive knowledge and experience in the formwork and falsework industry.
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Installation of DXS Modular platform for MRT Pasar Seni
Installation of DXS Modular platform for MRT Pasar Seni
DXS Temporary Sidewall Access Platform installation for MRT Pasar Seni conducted on 27th November to 30th November,2017. This project took 4 days to erect and the works were only carried out at night from 10.00p.m to 5.00 a.m. Scope of Project Two...
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Special Staircase for Bachy – Solentanche @TRX
Special Staircase for Bachy – Solentanche. Project : Tun Razak Exchange, MALAYSIA. SAS Modular Access Stairs with Ladder Beam. 7 meters in length with a safe working capacity of 750kg.
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Dscaff DXS Modular Warehouse Structure
The term Modular building refers to a structure which comprise of individual sections called “modules”. is a completely prefabricated system, where all components are manufactured in a controlled factory environment ensuring consistent quality and eliminates on site fabrication. The structure...
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Dscaff DXS Engineering in MIMEX – Malaysia International Marine Expo (2017)
MIMEX – Malaysia International Marine Expo (2017) is just around the corner! Come and visit us to explore more about our Aluminium Scaffolding and temporary work structures @ Booth 4008 from 4th – 6th October
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